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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an innovative payment platform and a new form of currency.

Bitcoin uses P2P technology without a managing authority or central bank, so that a management of payment transaction and issue of Bitcoin are processed in batches in the network.
The software of Bitcoin is open source, anyone can review the design code and someone in particular can not own or control Bitcoin, which makes Bitcoin the currency everybody can enjoy.
Its unique operating system allows users to have exciting experiences they never dreamed of in previous payment system.

Advantages of Bitcoin


Bitcoin transactions are quickly processed in any internet-based environment. BTC payment program using QR code either on user's smartphone or computer makes online or offline payment speedy.


International wire transfer or transaction is possible with minimized fees. Remittance of large amount of money or quick transaction is also feasible in Bitcoin Wallet. Minimum fee (below 0.005BTC) might be charged sometimes, but this fee is minimal comparing with transfer fee or credit card processing fee of traditional banks.


All transaction records are disclosed to Chainblock in real time for the open book method. In addition, users will use general key and priviate key in each of the transactions, and general key is locked with password system, which guarantees dual security.


Bitcoin transaction can be more convenient for the digital wallet that can be set up only with numbers and English letters. Digital wallet for Bitcoin transaction only requires user address (Bitcoin address) and no other personal information is needed.


Bitcoin transaction does not require personal information and personal authentification is only needed for the transaction and trade.


Bitcoin is growing in popularity around the world, its ability to enable anyone to access the global economy is revolutionary.

The disadvantages of Bitcoin


Since account information of user is handled as cash, tracing lost account is impossible in case that account information is lost by mistake, so that collection of Bitcoin in the lost account is also impossible.


Value of Bitcoin depends on country given issue and management of Bitcoin is not easy in certain places where these are controlled by government policy. Besides, since it does not have holding value like gold, there is high-risk variability as virtual currency.


Since people start to appreciate Bitcoin at the moment and there are not many holders, cashability as well as liquidity is low. When Bitcoin users and transactions increse, this weakness will be improved.

Video for Bitcoin

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Exchanging one crypto currency for another one or sell them to a different exchange. Is to buy a crypto currencies when price is down and sell them a higher price. Is to manage different crypto coins, buy new coins when the market of these coins is going up and sell the others when their market is going down.

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Quick Transfer

DIGITAL POINT SYSTEMS use - Fast transfer than banks


Available transfer download the Mobile Wallet Service


With the public key and private key using the public key encryption scheme with a double security

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And the world anytime, anywhere fast and convenient, it can safely deal

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We store the vast majority of bitcoin in secure offline storage.

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Maintain full control of your private keys with our multi-signature vault.